Download PokeMesh Latest APK 10.6.0 For Android, iOS & Windows

[Pokemesh app download]Love it or hate it, there is no chance you’ve not heard about Pokemon GO!
The smartphone game that took the internet by storm in one day. When it was launched, it was on fire, YouTubers, viners, bloggers, and everyone couldn’t seem to get enough of it. The model of the game was awesome, and so the old Pokemon fans showered a ton of love upon the game. From the fact that you are reading about Pokemesh, we guess that you’re interested in Pokemon Go as well.

Download PokeMesh Latest APK 10.6.0 For Android, iOS & Windows

Brief Introduction About Pokemesh App:

Pokemesh is an android app that aims at providing you a superb experience for the original Pokemon Go application. It achieves that by displaying items such as Gyms, poke stops, and Pokemon which are available around you in some selected areas. The app also allows you to filter Pokemon, scan Pokemon, filter them as per your choice, go into a no notification mode that they call “relax mode”.

The app offers a whole bunch of additional features for free and makes scanning many times easier. The app can be downloaded in apk bundle form directly from the link below.

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Salient Features of Pokemesh APK:

In almost no time, the app grabbed the attention of a HUGE population ( say it like Donald trump ) across the globe. If you love Pokemon, you’d be a huge fan of this application as well. After a great time, Pokemon made a return, in form of smartphone game.

Let’s discuss its features in brief:-

Relax mode:

One of the most exciting features of PokeMesh apk, it helps you to get sneap peak of the application on any web browser or application. What this does is allows you to work in the background so you can easily take care of your stuff without closing or opening it multiple times.


If you are like me, a person who keeps changing themes, launchers etc because you get bored with the same look, then this app has taken care of such things. With their settings, you can customize bundle of things such as Maps, notifications, colors, advanced Pokemon, overplay settings and much more. This helps you customize, or adjust the application in the way you want.

Quick access

As soon as you open the application, it takes you to its homepage. There you’d find three parallel lines in top left corner. That is where your quick menu is. You can access things such as settings, overplay, notifications, social media sharing and more. You can customize a bunch of things without even going to deep in settings.

Get notified fast:

Notifications helps you be notified about every small thing in the app. Once you turn the option on, you’d be notified about Pokemon ( by name ) that are available near your area. If you have to overplay turned on, this is not needed, but in case you don’t like overplay feature, this one would be your life savor(Kingo root one click Root app) .

Customized Button:

There is one more button which is present in the top right corner of the screen. It lets you access the three vital features: Pokemon, search and rarity filter.

Pokemon: This lets you choose the Pokemon that you want and look out for them on the map.

Search: Lets you search for best Pokemon which are nearby your location.

Rarity: Helps you find the rare or the rarest of the Pokemon on the map. This is one of the most useful features of this applications.


Pokemash App: How does this app work?

The app is quite easy for understand, and works in a fairly simple manner. All you need is a brief overview of how it works. By the end, you’ll be ready to use this application ( excited too ).

Step 1. Open the app, you’ll see a map background with a bunch of features on its top. The top left corner has three lines that open a quick menu.

Step 2. You then need to create an account. This is important and is asked by a ton of people. Go to Pokemon trainer club, sign up with your name, password, and an email that you can remember. You need to put age older than 18 or else it won’t allow to login.

Step 3. You’re done, now explore the features which are explained above.

F.A.Q’s on Pokemesh App:

pokemesh FaQ

  1. Can I trade eggs?

Yeah ! You can. The Pokemon which then hatches out from that egg will get the OT of who hatched it, not the one you got it from.

2. Does speed impact egg hatching?

Yes, it does. But, the egg hatching process will not advance if you are traveling above 12MPH. Which sadly means that if you are on bus, train or riding your bike, the hatching stops.

3. What does the leaf animation denote?

They represent that a Pokemon is nearby. These animations also sometimes trigger unseen Pokemon. Not all of these are rare. But these are worth chasing.

4. What does that “paw” represent?

One paw is equal to hundred meters. This translates to the fact that if you get a Pokemon that shows 3 steps, you will have to run 300 hundred meters.

5. What does curve above Pokemon denote?

This is your potential curve. It shows the potential growth of that Pokemon. This will help you decide which Pokemon you should evolve.

6. How to make eggs hatch quicker?

The more you move, the quicker it will as long as you are under 12MPH

7. How to have best out of luck eggs?

Keep them in stock and use them only when you are about to evolve your Pokemon, or hatch an egg. Basically, once you pop an egg, it gives you double XP for 30 minutes i.e Pokemon that evolves during this time will have double XP ( 1000xp instead of 500 ). Same logic for hatching new Pokemon.


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